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Sample Submission and FAQs

Fill out sample submission forms

Request for Analysis Form

Tell us the tests you need and what information you want on your COA

Image for beverages

Request for Analysis Form for Beverages

Tell us the tests you need, the weight of the beverage, and how many servings to show potency reported as mg per serving!

Mailing Samples

Chain of Title and Affirmation

Should always accompany mailed in samples showing your product is a legal substance.

Hemp Sample s

Sample Sizes

Not sending in a full-sized finished product and not sure how much of a sample to send? We've got it all broken down for you!

Checklists and ebooks

Checklist to find a quality hemp lab

16-Point Checklist to Find a Quality Hemp Lab

A checklist with questions and tips to see if the lab you use, or are looking at, provides the services you need.

How to tell if your COA is Fraudulent

Fraudulent COA

An ebook will help you recognize the signs of a tampered Certificate of Analysis

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