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Why You Should Have a Lab that Does Emerald Testing

Finding a quality lab can be difficult. This blog will help you understand one of the key items that contribute to a lab showing they care about providing quality testing to their customers. 

quality hemp lab checklist

What Is the Emerald Test? 

The Emerald Test is one of the only proficiency programs specifically tailored to hemp and cannabis testing. It encourages accuracy while establishing industry standards for quality and safety. Proficiency test providers supply samples to enrolled labs to administer the assessment, often consisting of actual hemp or cannabis material. Labs must then perform assigned tests on the samples within designated timeframes.  

After testing, the laboratories submit their results through an electronic data portal for evaluation. The evaluation criteria are based on Emerald Test™ Advisory Panel input and International Organization of Standardization (ISO) measures and accreditation requirements. The advisory panel consists of some of the nation’s leading cannabis scientists. Labs that meet or exceed the established performance requirements earn Emerald Test Badges. 

Why Are Emerald Tests Important? 

The Emerald Test™ serves as the benchmark against which hemp and cannabis laboratories worldwide are measured. It sets the bar for quality assurance. The Emerald Test™ protects hemp and cannabis stakeholders by regulating test result accuracy. 

Labs perform testing throughout the hemp and cannabis lifecycles to determine cannabinoid potency and identify if dangerous levels of pesticides, bacteria, etc., are present. Participating in proficiency testing shows that a lab cares about quality. It takes effort and can be a time-consuming process. 

“Ben Gaboury, our Senior Analytical Chemist, put in a lot of work to ensure we could earn these badges.   We hope displaying our badges will be a way for potential customers to see they can trust our lab and that we take quality seriously,” says Mikesh. 

Click here to download our free checklist for finding a quality hemp lab.

What about Badges? 

Emerald Scientific’s Emerald Test™ Badges are awarded twice annually.  These badges are a fantastic way of showing that hemp and cannabis laboratories meet or exceed established performance standards in each testing category. Some things to keep an eye out for on these badges is the last time the tests were performed (I.e., Spring 2021, Fall 2021, etc.) and what type of material it was tested on if a specific material was tested. Some of the categories are: 

  • Potency in Gummy 
  • Potency in Hemp Bud 
  • Water Activity on Hemp Bud 
  • Salmonella in Hemp 
  • Pesticide Screening in Hemp 
  • Microbial Panel 1 
  • Residual Solvents in Hemp Oil 
  • Terpenes in Hemp Oil 
  • Mycotoxins in Hemp 
  • Heavy Metals in Hemp Bud 
  • Heavy Metals in Hemp Oil 

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How Do I Know If My Lab Has Emerald Badges? 

At AIT, we proudly display our badges on our Facebook page, certificates of analysis, handouts and add them to our new website. Many labs do this as a quick and easy means of showing their reputability. If you’re ever unsure of their emerald badge status, contact your lab to find out. 


AIT’s Commitment to Quality 

Here at AIT, quality is not something that we take lightly. We are dedicated to continual process improvement and testing accuracy. We implement a quality program that our chemists incorporate into all their daily processes to accomplish this objective. We also complete proficiency testing throughout the year to ensure we consistently comply with internal and external standards. 

In the end, AIT customers are our most important asset and the reason we take these measures so seriously. We value your trust in us and are committed to delivering accurate, effective testing services and solutions. We will continue to focus on doing best for those we serve, and we thank you for your patronage. 

Helping You Find Quality

The hemp industry can be challenging... then add in the stress of not knowing if you have quality test results on the product you are buying/selling?  

Finding a hemp lab that can give you consistent, accurate, and quick results is essential to increase profit in this emerging industry. Let us help you find a lab that will work with, and for, you! Peep the blog linked below!